Master thesis architektur und umweltschutz

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Präsentation der Masterthesis im Sommersemester 2016

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Architecture and Urban Planning

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Book (Monograph) Leutgeb, Daniel () Evolution des militärischen Logistikbegriffes – Eine kontrastierende Aufnahme Schriftenreihe Handel und Marketing / Wien / Bd. 45 / Eigenverl. For my master thesis is Recurrent Neural Network For Monocular Human Motion Capture established in Python.

Aktivitäten und Verbände: Project about programming of mechanical systems in C++ Recurrent Neural Network For Monocular Human Motion Capture in Python. Image processing and signal processing, Analyze data in MatlabTitle: Maintain a constant learning. In this master project, you learn how to follow an "evidence-based design" approach - this means that you use research insight to improve your architectural (re)designs.

For this aim, a main part of the project will include planning, conducting and reporting an empirical study. Alessandra Cianchetta Professor for Geography, Landscapes, Cities. collective housing and office buildings for a private developer (Plazza Immobilien) in Lausanne/Crissier, Switzerland; the regeneration of Malmo Quay in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, for the enhancement of the public realm and the hybrid programme; a 51 ha mixed-use masterplan for an Arts and Creative District set in a Unesco heritage.

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Master thesis architektur und umweltschutz
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