Harvard doctoral thesis

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Harvard dissertation

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HST PhD Thesis Guide

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Harvard Clinical Psychology Student Handbook The purpose of the Psychology Clinical Handbook is to outline and describe the philosophy and structure of Harvard University’s Clinical Psychology Program and to provide students with information about the courses, research, and clinical training required to earn a Ph.D.

degree in clinical psychology. Qualification for the dissertation research project begins with the Candidacy Examination in the G2 year. Each student, in consultation with his or her advisor, elects an Examination Committee of three faculty members who administer the exam–a brief oral presentation and defense of the student’s dissertation research proposal.

Volha Charnysh PhD graduate won the Best Dissertation award from the APSA Migration & Citizenship Section, for “Migration, Diversity, and Economic Development: Post-WWII Displacement in Poland” More News and Announcements.

May 22,  · Obasi Shaw, 20, made history when he decided to submit a rap album as his final thesis at Harvard. (Dissertation advisors listed in parentheses.) –14 "'Licit Magic': The Touch And Sight Of Islamic Talismanic Scrolls," Yasmine F Alsaleh "Dignity and Dependency: The Politics of International Aid Provision in Palestinian Society," Sa'ed Adel Atshan.

Below is a list of PhD dissertations written by students at the Harvard Department of Mathematics. All scholars can order copies of most Harvard dissertations from to the present by contacting UMI/ProQuest at

Harvard doctoral thesis
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