Emile durkheim thesis on suicide

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Introduction. Emile Durkheim is one of the founding fathers of sociology that is widely used in the modern era. He is famous for one of his classical texts, suicide, which up to date focuses on the modern social pathologies that are seen to be indicated by the extraordinarily high rates of suicide.

Indeed, Durkheim's conclusions about individual behaviour (e.g. suicide) are based on aggregate statistics (the suicide rate among Protestants and Catholics).

This type of inference, which explains micro events in terms of macro properties, is often misleading, as Simpson's paradox shows.

Émile Durkheim Critical Essays

Emile Durkheim French sociologist. A prominent figure in the French school of Sociology, Durkheim is best known for his establishment of a social theory which views sociology as a natural science subject to empirical study. Brief Evaluation of Durkheim’s Theory of Suicide Comments in Appreciation of the Theory: 1.

As L.A. Coser stated, Durkheim’s study of “suicide” could be cited as a monumental land work study in which conceptual theory and empirical research are brought together in an imposing manner.” 2.

Émile Durkheim Critical Essays

However, Durkheim established that there is more correlation between an individual's religion and suicide rate than an individual's education level.

Jewish people were generally highly educated but had a low suicide rate. Emile Durkheim had many theories about suicide in the role of society in terms of the direction an individual decides to take in life. To Durkeim, there are four different types of suicide; Egotisitic, Altruistic, Anomic, and lastly Fatalistic suicide.

Emile durkheim thesis on suicide
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